Saint René Descartes University's 2013 Nobel Peace Prize recommendation welcomed

We are pleased to inform general readers, and our special mysterious nominee, that the Norwegian Nobel Committee has received Saint René Descartes University's recommendation for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. Below is the copy the confirmation letter for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Saint René Descartes University is an accredited seminary college of the Cesidian Church; a member in good standing of the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR); and is accredited by the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA).

Saint René Descartes University is affiliated with the Federation of International Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Organisations (FIBCO); with The Multipurpose Inter Parliamentary Union (TMIPU); with the Chamber of Computer Logistics People Worldwide (which has been granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations' Economic and Social Council); and has been granted permanent status as a Consultative Organisation accredited to the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS).

Saint René Descartes University is mainly a small university doing research in several fields, but it also offers some real courses. On 25 March 2012, a first course in 'Neoexistentialism and Fifth World Philosophy' was started at the Scuola Montedoglio of Saint René Descartes University, and it enrolled 29 Italian-speaking students. This special course ended just recently, and was a total success! Saint René Descartes University also has a Centre for Cesidian Law, a Salubriology School that is also a member of FIBCO, and a special school called Fifth World Agricultures Technologies and Solutions (5WATS).

In order to fight the societal discrimination towards people who hold a PhD, or other kind of research-based doctorate, but who are usually never referred to as "Doctor so and so" on the American cable television network C-SPAN, or even in the Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE), Saint René Descartes University offers the genuine rank of research scholar in any field to any individual holding genuine professional credentials, and who has also earned a PhD, or other kind of research-based doctorate, from a university accredited in a sovereign state that is recognised by the UMMOA Foreign Ministry.

Saint René Descartes University