In The Sign of Orion

Some of you know that your 'sign' is Scorpio. Of course, unless you're an astronomer or an astrologer, chances are you don't understand that your 'sign' is really the sign of the zodiac the Sun was transiting in at the time of your birth. But do you know you could actually be a native of the sign of Ophiuchus?

Some of you know that your sign is Taurus. But do you know that if you were born on the 11th of May, you could be of the sign of Orion?

I'm a fairly sophisticated guy as far as astrology is concerned. I've always known my 'sign' was Taurus. I've known that, and what it means, for at least 20 years, and eventually I studied astrology more formally, and even earned a Diploma in the subject. According to a new astrology, however, I'm still a Taurus, but the Sun in my native chart is so close to the sign of Orion, that I could be considered a native of that sign as well!

The Americans and their allies have invaded Iraq, and now seem to have encountered a situation far worse than Vietnam. Bucksfanians too have invaded Iraq, but they're not there to bring democracy, and all that other stuff that isn't even true, but to end Babilonian Astrology once and for all!

Bucksfanian Astrology started one day when I discovered that if you started a new wheel of the zodiac with the Vernal Equinox, and divided up the zodiac into 14 equal sectors, instead of the usual 12, something really interesting happened: the new sign of Capricorn started exactly with New Year's Day! And you know something? When you think about what happens worldwide on that day, it all makes sense even from an astrological perspective! I was only trying to see if an astrology similar to the Cesidian Calendar were possible, but on that day I ended up literally re-inventing the wheel! This is what your new solar sign under the Bucksfanian Zodiac would look like:

Bucksfanian Zodiac

Zodiac Sign



Capricorn 1 Jan 26 Jan
Aquarius 27 Jan 21 Feb
Pisces 22 Feb 19 Mar
Aries 20 Mar 14 Apr
Taurus 15 Apr 10 May
Orion 11 May 5 Jun
Gemini 6 Jun 1 Jul
Cancer 2 Jul 27 Jul
Leo 28 Jul 22 Aug
Virgo 23 Aug 17 Sep
Libra 18 Sep 13 Oct
Scorpio 14 Oct 8 Nov
Ophiuchus 9 Nov 4 Dec
Sagittarius 5 Dec 31 Dec

But Bucksfanian Astrology is more than an addition of two new signs, and a shift in the beginning and end dates of the various signs. It is also a new interpretion even of the old signs of the Babilonian Zodiac.

The old astrology had a ruling planet, satellite, or star for each sign; since these were 10 altogether, 8 planets plus the Moon and the Sun, and the signs 12, certain planets carried dual signs. Mercury, for example, ruled both the sign of Gemini and the sign of Virgo. Venus, on the other hand, ruled both the sign of Taurus and Libra.

With Bucksfanian Astrology this was eliminated with the addition of 4 new rulers. Here the ruler of Taurus is a large asteroid called Ceres, while the ruler of Virgo is an asteroid called Vesta. The new signs of Orion and Ophiuchus also have distinct rulers, the asteroid called Pallas for Orion, and the asteroid/comet/planetoid Chiron for Ophiuchus. These additions are both rational in light of known astrological symbolism, and add a significant amount of new detail to any natal chart that was not present before.

Astrologers have often spoke of Astrological Ages before the invention of Bucksfanian Astrology, but some rationale of interpretation was clearly missing in Babilonian Astrology. For example, there was clearly an Age of Agriculture under the Age of Taurus, but it was preceded by an Age of Gemini, and there was no explanation of the nomadic age that did indeed precede the age of farming as one would expect. Bucksfanian Astrology eliminates this problem with surprising ease (or divine logic?), and even brings precision to the dating of the various astrological ages that before was missing entirely. Now we know when the Age of Aquarius will begin as well, and as one would expect, we are indeed near the beginnings of this Age. This is a table of the Bucksfanian Astrological Ages:

Bucksfanian Ages

Astrological Age


Age of Leo

10,895 BCE

Age of Cancer

9,053 BCE

Age of Gemini

7,211 BCE

Age of Orion

5,369 BCE

Age of Taurus

3,527 BCE

Age of Aries

1,685 BCE

Age of Pisces

157 CE

Age of Aquarius

1,998 CE

The Age of Orion is highly representative of an age that can precede an agricultural age, because the sign of Orion is the sign of the Hunter, a sign representing both the nomad and the shaman!

The sign of Orion also has another characteristic that would be very rational in light of traditional astrology. It has the characteristics of an extention of the traditional 2nd House (we feed ourselves with agriculture, but we also do that through pastoral or hunting activities!), and also has the characteristics of a house naturally preceding a traditional 3rd House (Gemini is the sign of reading and writing, while Orion represents the pure symbolism that applies more to mathematics and music, than to literature and language!).

The sign of Ophiuchus, the sign that opposes Orion in the Bucksfanian Zodiac, also has characteristics that would be intermediary between a traditional 8th and 9th House. In Ophiuchus the pastoral nomad Orion becomes a highly sophisticated city dweller, and the primitive butcher/shaman Orion becomes a highly sophisticated surgeon! It is interesting that between the traditional house of raw physicality (sex), the 8th House, and the house of advanced study, the 9th House, there is no intermediate house representing the classical student (9th) of physicality (8th), a house of anatomical study, for instance. Well, the sign of Ophiuchus fills that gap in the logic of traditional astrology quite nicely!

As one can see, Bucksfanian Astrology is a little more complicated than traditional astrology, but it is far more accurate and logical. It is clearly a revolution, and I'm beginning only to touch the surface of its potential.

Cesidio Tallini