DIY micronationalist, secessionist and DIYer library

It is a little expensive if you want hardcovers (only slightly more expensive), instead of paperbacks, or colour images inside (significantly more expensive), instead of plain black-and-white images, but you can already start a DIY (do it yourself) micronationalist, secessionist and DIYer (do it yourselfer) library, complete with personalised prefaces and images on the book covers.

Just go ahead, and start the process of printing your first custom book on Micronations using already available Wikipedia articles. You can always add additional volumes later to your library.

I'm not kidding. You can literally print your own custom library. You can even shape your own Wikipedia community book using choice Wikipedia articles in a specific order.


Book:States with Limited Recognition

Book:Countries that aren't really countries



Book:Really Free Culture


Book:International travel documents

Book:Power Generation Body of Knowledge

Book:Electricity Generation using Solar Thermal Technology

Book:Heritage Building Materials

Book:Interpersonal relationship




Book:General Topics

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