Perfect Evolutionary Timing with Kingmaker Tool

Entity Date Comment Potential World Society/Polity Kingmaker on Attempt
The Tallini Family 17/11/1998 TTF founded Observer stirps 1st
Cesidian Church 12/12/2005 Rose Ministries Sixth World gens 2nd
Cesidian Church 17/04/2007 Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries Fifth World curia 3rd
Saint René Descartes University 08/04/2013 NNC Fourth World tribus 4th
Fifth World Community 29/10/2017 Google Weather Third World civis 5th
Global Earth Oceans 04/12/2017 Salento Second World genus 1st of 6
Global Earth Oceans 21/12/2017 Pontinha Second World genus 2nd of 6
Global Earth Oceans 24/01/2018 Ostaladon Second World genus 3rd of 6