Somaliland has become a Third World nation

On 2 April 2014, the City of Sheffield became the first city to officially recognise Somaliland's claim to independence.

A Voice of America news article, one of the articles that reported the story, claims that the Sheffield City Council vote is "purely symbolic and carries no legal weight". Yet Cesidian political science shows that the vote is a lot more than pure symbolism.

Cesidian political science states you are "something" — eg, a nation, a town, or a state — if you strongly and indisputably project that image in the world, and/or you are recognised by an equivalent "something".

If the entity has a strong influence over village, state, or confederation, it is a Fourth World entity. If the entity has a strong influence over a town, country, or junior microstate it is, without doubt, a Third World entity. Moreover, Cesidian political science criteria shows that an inhabited locality with a population above 60,000 must be a town, and an inhabited locality with a population above 600,000 must be a city. While in the UK inhabited localities with at least 300,000 inhabitants are considered cities [1], Cesidian political science criteria is a little more strict. The City of Sheffield, a metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire [2], England, with a current population of 551,800, would be considered a very large town, but not quite a city yet. Since the entity over which Somaliland has enormous influence is a town without doubt, then Somaliland is definitely a Third World nation.

While Somaliland is judged by many political experts to exist in a form of limbo as far as official or international recognition goes, the fact of the matter is that even the recognition of a small town or country is significant, and even real international powers such as the People's Republic of China enjoy less than complete recognition of all of the 193 UN member states.

Somaliland continues to develop economically and socially in a reasonably stable and secure environment, and this despite the lack of significant international recognition, which would open Somaliland to foreign aid, but also, quite frankly, to other real risks.

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